Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sentiminal Stories for Your Family or Child!

So, for the first selling entry, here's something that I made for my Dad and older brother for Christmas. Sentiminal fictional mini-stories (3-5 typed pages long). Here's an example, this one was for my dad. Warning: It gets slightly mushy after he meets my mom. :)

The Story of DAD, the mighty, the brave, the daring, DRAGON SLAYER!

Once upon a time, in a far away land which had come amidst much peril, there lived a man named Dad. He was very brave and he lived in a nice little cottage in the hills. He had no armor; and no high official rank in the ruling of his country, which was named Heartland. But yet, his chilvary and love shined strongly through him and his hazel-looking eyes, honoring his God the Christ.

But in all his heart, he wanted but two things. First of all, he wanted a maiden, whom held the same loving-kindness, faithfulness, lady-like chilvary, and above all-the same love and servitude for Jesus as he. It seemed impossible to locate this treasure of which he was searching. He wanted a family. Perhaps three children? The second thing he wanted was for his family. It was that his wicked country would change its ways and turn to the Living God.

One day, the man set out to fish for his supper. Dad heard a hissing noise. Then he saw a faint looking light staring at him through the bushes. He pushed through the tall bushes and weeds and came upon quite a sight! A damsel in distress indeed. A fair maiden with flowing red hair and blonde streaks being bombarded with dragon's breath. And, everyone knows-dragon's breath is fire! Dad took his bucket, which, luckily, had water in it for the fish he wished to catch. He threw the water on the lady's dress, of which the tips were fire-blazen! The lady stumbled back, thankful and frightened still, but more so for her rescuer.

Dad took his fishing rod of wood and fought heart and soul with the terrible blue dragon. Oh they hustled, until the last few blows were made. Dad struck the dragon over the head as a preparation for its fate, as the dragon leaned forward to claw his shoulder. Dad felt a sting, but also a surge, more powerful of course, of strength and steel toughness, sent from Christ who had been guiding his every move, and he lunged forward, driving the wooden rod into the beast's chest. The best leaned forward with his giant claw, but fell, lifeless, to the ground.

It was at this moment that the brave knight, as we should call him, turned to his saved maiden, and the twinge of first love at sight became mutual. Without words, they both just knew they were meant to be, a match made by Jesus Himself. They spoke of this none verbally, but the realization showed in their eyes-hers brown and his hazel-and she thanked him gratefully as they walked to the castle five miles away, and they talked and talked.

When they reached the castle, a servant, Lou, asked them to wait in the grand hall while gave their report to King Springly. While they did so, the maiden, whom was called mom, ripped ends off her petticoat and wrapped his shoulder in bandages. "Mom," he said, looking at her, "Will you marry me? I think God has arranged it. No. I'm sure." She nodded and hugged him, smiling broadly with delight. "I feel the same way. That small little prodding feeling that God gives has been at me." She smiled broader as they were called in to the king's meeting room, a broad gold walkway leading up to the throne, which resembled a giant gold nugget with a hole for seating carved in the middle, along with intricate designs.

Upon it sat a tall man with a face that wore pure glee, and upon his crown of brown hair sat a golden crown of riches embedded with precious gems such as jade, opal, garnet, amethyst, and above all-diamonds and crystals! He wore a long velvety robe over his purple silk tunic. "My son, my subject, my favor is upon you for your gracious deed," he said. "Greetings to you!" Dad and his companion, the beautiful mom, bowed (Pardon my mistake, the beautiful maiden, of course, curtsied). "Rise, grateful ones, for to you I have much gratefulness, as well as your fellow subjects. What two things-" He paused and pondered a moment. "Nay, what three noble wishes have ye, faithful one?" For the first time, Dad spoke.

"Well sire, I want a marriage permission for this fair lady, whom I love and equally loves God. Nay, the damsel loves Jesus much more." Springly nodded his consent and the decree was written on rich parchment and stamped with the king's seal. But then! "Who is this God, Jesus you speak of?" The brave Dragon Slayer squeezed the hand of his milady.

"It is the check point for my next humble wish. It is that my wicked country would turn to the Living God, whom I serve! There will be peace and happiness in our land of Heartland." The king puzzled over this for a moment, then felt a strong peace. As advisors rushed forward to give their verdict, the king held a hand up in decline of their help. "No advisory is needed for this decision; I'm a man who keeps his promise." Dad saw a brilliant opportunity. "As is my God the Christ, sire." The king smiled with more peace and pleasure. "All is well, my son, how shall my people convert and hear the message of the Christ? Surely a brave man such as ye would not spend his days enhancing peasants?!" Dad nodded. "Ah, but I would. Yet there is a more favorable way. The nearby land of Olav, where my wife-to-be comes from. They would send Christian missionaries to instruct thy brilliant subjects in the faith." The king nodded. "I agree to this." STAMP! Down came the king's seal as he called out his personal assistant. "Servant, notify Winston of Olav that we are in need of his country's kingly beneficiors." The servant, whom we previously knew as Lou, nodded and scurried away.

"You must not forget your noble third wish, worthy subject. What is it you ask?" Dad didn't have to think twice. "I want the north land of ScottLyn, a high hill, beautiful woodland that you reign over here in Heartland, and I want the river that occupies it, the Cedar, upon whose banks my cottage resides. I want this land for my family and my descendants." The king nodded. "It is done." STAMP! For the third time, down came the red seal on rich, crisp parchment.


Dad and mom happily live in their cottage with their children, 2 boys and a girl (3, just as Dad had hoped), Faith, Malachi, and the oldest, Slay, after his brave dad. And how did these children come to live in the family of Dad the Dragon Slayer, you ask?


That's a whole other story.

The End...

I can make them as an adoption book for adopted kids to look back at, or I can just make a cute story that includes your child, grandchild, neice, or nephew with something they like! Just leave a comment, with your email, and after I read it, I won't publish it, for your privacy. I will email you and get things set up(ask some questions about the person and what they like). Once I'm done with the story, I will email it to you, and you can print it, and it will only cost $10. I'm working on the possibility of printing and binding the stories, which will cost more, but I'll post more about that later.

All of the profits will go to the money jar, saving up for our trip to China to volunteer! :)


Joy :)

Monday, 3 January 2011

Welcome to my China blog!

Welcome to my blog!

The basic line and purpose of this blog is-

God has laid China on my heart (along with its thousands of orphans) and I'm following HIS red thread there, bit by bit.

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break. -Chinese legend

And, as for the purpose, this is going to be a China/adoption/fundraising/selling blog. My goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of 2011, or at least by spring of 2012. That way, our family (minus my older brother, who's 21) can go to China and volunteer at an orphanage or children's home for a few weeks. According to our calculations (and reference to our adoption trip to China the previous summer), $10,000 will cover all expenses, such as airline tickets, food, room, etc.

Please check out my other blog, Doodlebug, and my waiting child advocacy blog, Waiting on Their Family. To get to this blog, all you must do is type in
and you're here!

God bless you!
Joy :)